Fit Fabulous - Get Fit, Look Fabulous
Do you want to look better, feel fitter and grab life with energy and enthusiasm but somehow never seem to get off the starting blocks or stay on track?
Then I am here to help you meet your goals, (whether its lose weight, get fitter or embark on a specific fitness challenge, ie; taking part in a race or event) through expert guidance, support and motivation. 
I am both passionate and conscientious in my approach to personal fitness training and endeavour to make your goals a reality through a structured 4-step process of consultation, analysis & measurement, action exercise programme and remeasurement & review. 
1. Consultation: An initial meeting to get to know one another and share information (Me: How I can help and qualifications & experience; You: What you want to achieve).
2. Analysis & Measurement: A more in-depth look at your goals, current lifestyle indicators of diet, activity, work & family commitments and then a series of measurements and health analysis including Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Heart Rate and Medical History. This gives us a baseline record from which to work.
3. Action Exercise Programme: This will be a tailor-made progressive programme designed to target and work towards your specific goals with short, medium and longer term goals set to specific time frames. Your programme will contain any or all of the following components:
  • Cardio Endurance or Fitness Training
  • Resistance Training at Conditioning, Endurance, Hypertrophy or Strength levels
  • Flexibility & Stretching
  • Nutrition & Weight Management Advice
4. Remeasurement & Review: It is vital to monitor change and review programmes to ensure optimal progress is being made.
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